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183 Bow Road London, E3 2SJ - 183 Bow Rd, Bow, London E3 2SJ, UK

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Next up in our Peer Crit series, art advisor, gallerist, and founder of Art & People Claudia Kennaugh will grapple with how interdisciplinary artists can communicate the many strands of their practice, the core intentions of their artistic journey, and the importance of focusing on what art is saying as opposed to how it’s saying it. These peer crits give artists the opportunity to present their work and get practical, personalised advice and feedback. 

Claudia will begin by launching into the fundamentals of how to present a multi-facetted artistic practice with many different strands. You will tease apart the different strands of your practice to interrogate how they link together or reference each other and how this translates in online contexts and in person. Do you have a dominant practice that grounds all the others? Is one more consistent and others more sporadic? What are the tributaries and disciplines that extend from your principal practices and how does everything connect? 
We will then home in on how crucial it is to talk about intention over medium when articulating your practice to make sure you’re communicating in a way that feels cohesive and representative to your core self. It’s so much more about what your artwork and practice is saying as opposed to how it’s saying it. 
The main part of the session will be reserved for the individual peer crits, where each artist will get around 12- 15 minutes to present their work and get personalised feedback from Claudia, as well as advice from wider group discussions with the other artists present.  
Attendees are encouraged to bring along 3 examples of their work to the peer crit that they can speak to, either physically or digitally. 


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Bow Skills Peer Crit: communicating your practice as an interdisciplinary artist with Art & People183 Bow Rd, Bow, London E3 2SJ, UK