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London UK - 1 Milton St, London EC2Y 9BH, UK

Organised by Barbican Centre

Daria van den Bercken is a passionate champion of Baroque keyboard music who finds innovative ways to bring it to new listeners.
Co-commissioned by van den Bercken’s Piano Biennale, the exciting young Dutch composer Mathilde Wantenaar’s new piano concerto is paired with the first ever virtuoso keyboard concerto, Bach’s Fifth Brandenburg. 
Thomas Gould leads Britten Sinfonia in Stravinsky’s neo-Baroque chamber concerto and Haydn’s superb early symphony, tagged The Philosopher by others later in his lifetime on account of the first movement’s unusually serious, thoughtful mood – as if a philosopher were pacing up and down a room.  


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Britten Sinfonia with Daria van den Bercken1 Milton St, London EC2Y 9BH, UK