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Surrounding yourself with the right people is hugely important when planning for growth, and is something businesses of all sizes need to consider but never more so than when starting to scale. So what makes an effective board, and how do you make sure you get the right mix of people sitting at the table?

In this interactive session made for female founders in mind, we will explore some of the challenges facing directors of companies in the early days pre-investment; later stages when investors may require director or observer roles; and finally the issues facing directors as they move towards exit.

Sharing our own experience, we will discuss with you the importance of a governance framework and how that may evolve through each stage of your company’s development.

We will consider the extent to which governance is value-adding rather than administration that is weighing you down.
We will explain directors’ duties and the importance of the mantra “all for one and one for all” and the potential benefits of independent directors.
Together we will explore what skills and support you might be looking for in a non-executive director and consider the pros and cons of different methods of remuneration.


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Building a Board with AccelerateHER and Burness Paull LLLondon, United Kingdom