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Find your purpose and identify the career skills you need to upskill in your sector or to seek a new job online.

Develop the digital skills employers are looking for in the 2020s
In this rapidly changing world, it’s important that you’re confident about working online and embracing technology in your professional life.

On this course, you’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses and explore the skills you need to build to progress in work or to seek a new job in the 2020s.

Learn how to set goals for your professional development
You’ll be introduced to digital tools and analytical frameworks that will help you to set goals for your future career and identify the skills you’ll need to get there.

Whether you need to enhance your communication skills, increase your digital capabilities, or boost your problem-solving abilities, this course will allow you to explore your skills, strengths, and areas for development.

Create an online CV and build your professional online presence
Alongside expert progression coaches and student experience officers, you’ll build valuable knowledge around how to use technology to your professional advantage. You’ll explore what makes a successful online presentation, how to write a CV and covering letter to share online, as well as digital tricks and tips to help you find your purpose and identify what employers want.

You’ll benefit from access to an online community of learners to support you along the way, as well as the professional resources you need to help you take control of your career.

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Career Skills for the 2020s