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Wrongly, many tech companies assume the cleverest product wins the greatest market share. This is because how our brains make decisions hasn’t evolved at the same pace as technology.
B2B Marketing invite you to this free in-person roundtable, where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the challenges you face when it comes to marketing your tech products, ideas around how to build a more popular brand, and learn from your fellow tech marketing peers.
This session is focused at senior marketers from technology organisations (i.e. CMOs, VPs, Heads of Marketing, Marketing Directors, etc).
Discussion topics include:
  • What makes the most popular brand in your sector so popular in the first place?
  • What steps can you take to try and build the popularity of your brand?
  • What barriers do you face in these efforts?
  • How can you adapt your marketing strategy to the needs of this buyer to
  • ensure you become more popular as a brand? 
The reality is the most popular product wins; because popularity creates trust faster than superiority. With buying committee decisions driven by ‘loss aversion’, the default is usually to shortlist the most known brands for consideration.


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Clever verses popular: Why are clever tech products so stupidly hard to market?Chancery Ln, Holborn, London, UK