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113-115 Fonthill Road London N4 3HH - 113-115 Fonthill Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 3HH, UK

Organised by Outlandish

In this session we explore decisions made when writing code.

About this event
Code Reading Club began with the idea that the paradigm we use to teach programming is incomplete. One of the most overlooked areas is the ability to read code, both phonetic & analytical. Research indicates that professionals spend 60% of their time understanding rather than writing code; yet we have a culture of “learn by copying” and “do by writing”.
At Code Reading Club, we believe that we’d be better off if we spent more time thinking and comprehending. We developed exercises for deliberate practice of code reading and have been running clubs since 2019. We discovered that learning to read code together has many rewards and unexpected benefits, the most important of which is empathetic writing & the nurturing of inclusive development teams.
Clubs work best with a range of experience in the room. Whether beginner or expert, you’ll benefit and bring value to others!

What We Will Do
  • Summarise what we found out about this code in the previous session
  • Revisit content and structure of the code to get it fresh in our minds
  • Identify decisions made when writing the code
  • Identify the consequences of some of those decisions
  • Explore together why those decisions might have been made

What You Will Learn
A big part of doing Code Reading Practice together is sharing experiences and perceptions. You’ll learn what other people think about and how they approach making decisions when writing code. You’ll understand that there is not a “correct way to write the code”, there are always trade-offs. You’ll gain strategies for identifying where key decisions have been made in a piece of code and skills for analysing what the consequences of those decisions might be.

Who is this for?
  • Anyone interesting in getting better at reading code regardless of programming experience
  • Anyone interested in starting a Code Reading Club

3 Sessions
Our masterclass are made up of 3 sessions run over 3 months. While you can attend them individually, we recommend coming to them all for the best experience. For this masterclass, the workshop leader suggests attending session 2 if you plan to attend session 3:

1. Why practice and how to get started (Mon 26 Jun 6pm)
2. A first look at a new piece of code (Mon 10 Jul 6pm)
3. A deep read - decisions, consequences and whys (Mon 31 July 6pm)

Workshop Leader
Katja is a developer using web technologies to help improve the reach of charities, artists, activists and community groups. She advocates for equity in the tech industry & supports the cooperative movement. She started Code Reading Club to help make code reading more accessible & code writing more empathetic.
If you are interested in starting a Code Reading Club of your own, get in touch. Attending all 3 sessions will give you a good foundation towards that.

SPACE4 Masterclasses
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This workshop is part of an ongoing programme of masterclasses to increase employability in our borough and beyond. We are funded by Islington Council.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit us.
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Code Reading Club: A Deep Read - Decisions, Consequences and Whys113-115 Fonthill Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 3HH, UK