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Studio Kitchen - 180 Strand, London WC2R 1EA, UK

Organised by Concave

A Sustainability x Technology summit driven by Culture & Community - Concave Summit’s theme of turning purpose into action is focused on climate, the circular economy and accelerating habits towards positive impact.

The AM is anchored by a 2 hour Sustainability Leadership Masterclass designed to accelerate the SDG goals - Unlocking Sustainable Business Transformation and Accelerating Impact through the Global Goals (UN) with Inner Development Goals

The masterclass will be led by the visual creators of the global SDG (UN) goals - Swedish agency and ‘agents of sustainability’ The New Division.

The masterclass programme provides guidance on:

  • Shifting leadership mindset and organisational culture towards business transformation,
  • Systems thinking, transformation and the circular economy
  • How to integrate sustainable development and ESG into organisations
  • Creating an internal language to challenge and drive sustainable change
  • Addressing business challenges in real time and across stakeholder groups.

Exciting PM topics explore circular business models in the fashion and textile industry, measuring the impact of climate storytelling, decarbonization through Green Technology, exploring a future made of waste and tackling the refugee crisis through climate mitigation.

Impact-led brands featured at the summit include Waterbear, the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet and Discarded Spirits who reverses waste into spirits.
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Attendees — 9

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Concave Summit London 2023180 Strand, London WC2R 1EA, UK