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113-115 Fonthill Road London N4 3HH - 113-115 Fonthill Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 3HH, UK

Organised by Outlandish

Reflect on personal tech use, apply 100kicks' care principles to enhance digital service design for all

About this event

In this session, participants will reflect on care and their own experiences of using technology, followed by an introduction to 100kicks five designing with care principles. They will then build on their creative and critical thinking skills and start to apply these principles to existing apps/digital services.

Whether you are a seasoned designer or someone that is thinking about how to design and serve your community better with new services, this workshop will help equip you with considerations that will allow you to do so, with care.

Why attend?
  • A no frills guide to doing research. No big words without explanations.
  • Learn a bit more about why being culturally competent is important.
  • To have strategies in place that allow you and your teams to build with care.
  • Learn how to do research on a budget, whilst remaining ethical .
Who is this for?
  • Existing Researchers (especially if they are working in a people facing domain)
  • Educational Researchers
  • Designers of all types that may be interested in how to design for a fairer world
  • Policy folks
  • Folks working in government who want to figure out how they can do research within communities they may be trying to learn more about.
  • Anyone that wants to know more about “research” and how to do to it for themselves/their own community
  • Anyone interested in community led research practises
  • These are going to be creative and fun workshops, so anyone interested in learning about a new skill
3 Sessions
Our masterclass are made up of 3 sessions run over 3 months. While you can attend them individually, we recommend coming to them all for the best experience.
  • 101 (Mon 26 Feb)
  • Designing with Care (Mon 25 Mar)
  • Divergent Thinking (Mon 29 Apr)
Workshop Leader
Afreen Saulat has over eight years of experience in research and strategy. She is passionate about making technology more equitable, accessible, and global market friendly, for diverse groups of people. She founded 100kicks, a research and strategy studio that specialises in culturally competent design research, to help businesses understand and engage with their customers and stakeholders using engaging methods and outputs that go beyond a long-winded report.


SPACE4 Masterclasses
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This workshop is part of an ongoing programme of masterclasses to increase employability in our borough and beyond. We are funded by Islington Council.

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Culturally Competent Design Research: Designing With Care113-115 Fonthill Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 3HH, UK