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Organised by The British Library

Delivered by the Reference Team at the British Library.
Intellectual property and its protection is vital for anyone with a business idea. This all-day workshop will help you understand the multiple areas of intellectual property and their relevance to your business, as well as provide you with practical tips on how to utilise the BIPC’s resources to protect, research and develop your business idea. By the end of the session you will understand and identify the importance of intellectual property in your own business and know the next steps to protect it.
‘How to Protect my Business Idea’ (AM) will cover:
  • Introduce the four areas of intellectual property (IP) – patents, trademarks, registered designs and copyright
  • Help you understand which areas may apply to you and your business
  • Examples of everyday IP in our lives
  • A deeper dive into IP: time limits, registered or unregistered and other practical examples
‘Business Research and Information’ (PM) will cover: 
  • The fundamentals of using the BIPC’s and your library’s resources to develop a strategic roadmap for your business
  • Introduction to databases, industry guides, external resources list, internet and library resources
  • Value Proposition: trend, values, sustainability, wider issues
  • Customer Segmentation: market research and customer discovery and understanding
  • Partnership: company data and competitors
  • Key Resources: research my IP and funding streams
  • Help you make informed business decisions, plan and offer value to your customer
About your facilitators: 
Jeremy O'Hare is a Business & IP Centre intellectual property information expert. He presents the Centre’s series of intellectual property workshops. He has worked with a diverse range of businesses from all sectors, especially helping those who are at a start-up and growth level.
Seema Rampersad has a long career in the library and information field. She is currently the Senior Research and Service Manager at the Business & IP Centre at the British Library. Seema has worked with a diverse range of businesses from all sectors, especially helping those who are at a start-up and growth level. 
This is the first part of a two-day offering. To make the most of the free business support offered by the Kickstart Your Business programme, please also book to attend the Day 2 webinar - 'Get Started' - alongside this workshop.
When signing up to Kickstart Your Business, please fill out this registration form as well as registering on Eventbrite. As this project is funded by J.P. Morgan, this is important for our funding purposes. If you have previously completed this form, you do not need to fill this out again.


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Day 1: Kickstart Your Business - Business & Research InformationThe Walnuts Centre, Orpington BR6 0TW, UK