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London SE15 5FB - 42 Bonar Rd, London SE15 5FB, UK
Join this series of free workshops on Queerness and Feminism in Virtual Realities hosted by Feminist Internet and special guests!

About the event:
Bodies are becoming more and more entwined with technologies and with the advent of virtual and augmented realities, the body is more implicated than ever before. The prospects of these tools are exciting but in a society where the gendered body is under such intense scrutiny, where queer and trans people’s rights are under threat, how can we ensure that virtual spaces don’t replicate real-world harms? As part of the first Feminist Internet Studio programme at University of the Arts London Creative Computing Institute we invite you to join us to investigate how we can incorporate queer and feminist practices into virtual realities.
You can read more information about Embodying Horizons Workshops here: https://cci.to/fi-workshop23

Who can apply?
The workshops are open to everyone — you do not need any specific skills or prior knowledge in VR to apply. It is for anyone who is interested in queer and feminist practices and the implications of technology in our society.

What will the workshops involve?
Participants will engage in a series of critical conversations and activities over two days, looking at a variety of queer and feminist practices to question how we can use virtual spaces to advance social issues in relation to gender and sexuality, creating more inclusive virtual realities. You will gain knowledge from a variety of sources, looking at the work of prominent queer and feminist thinkers, take part in guest run activities, as well as learn from each other as you work collectively with other participants. The results of the workshops will be shared at the Embodying Horizons Symposium in early 2024. Please be aware the workshops will run twice but are identical in nature, except for the guest sessions. You are welcome to sign up to one or both of the workshops.

What materials will I need?
A computer or tablet with an up to date operating system and access to the Internet is recommended but not required.


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Embodying Horizons Workshops: Queerness and Feminism in Virtual Realities42 Bonar Rd, London SE15 5FB, UK