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Welcome & introduction

APSCo update
Julie Selby, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, APSCo
Supporting neurodiversity in the workplace
Adam Tobias, Co-Founder, Inventum Group
Every employee in your workplace is unique and requires different levels of support. Managing neurodiverse employees well involves learning about these neurological differences and how they can affect life at work. Improving support for neurodiversity encourages more employees to speak out and seek support allowing your neurodivergent workforce to thrive.
Adam will kick off this session with a look at the most common conditions, how they can show up at work and creating a workplace that celebrates and embraces neurodiversity.
A candidate perspective
Harry Saville, Consulting Business Psychologist, Lexxic
Harry will then take a closer look at improving the candidate's experience from both an internal and external perspective.  Specifically, he will cover:
  • Creating psychological safety in your organisation
  • How to promote your organisation to attract a diverse workforce
  • The problems with current recruitment practices and how to make them more neuro-inclusive
Q&A session


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Embrace: Neurodiversity in the workplaceLondon, United Kingdom