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13 Soames Walk London SE10 0AX United Kingdom - 13 Soames Walk, London SE10 0AX, UK

Organised by Greenwich Peninsula

CGI artist Natalie Liu hosts an intimate workshop demonstrating the process of crafting three-dimensional digital objects.

About this event
Hosted on site at Ravensbourne University of Technology in the Design District, participants will delve into Natalie's previous works, gaining insights into the design process, and will then be encouraged to explore their own creativity by crafting 3D forms inspired by nature. This session is accessible to individuals of all skill levels, requiring no previous experience.

Hardware & Software requirements:

Laptops will be provided to those participating in the workshops, however you are welcome to bring your own and we reccomend bringing a mouse too.

The software required for this workshop is Blender, which is free to download here.

Please ensure Blender is downloaded prior to the workshop if you are bringing your own laptop.


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Experimental Nature: 3D and Digital Design Workshop with Natalie Liu13 Soames Walk, London SE10 0AX, UK