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37 Brushfield Street London E1 6AA - 37 Brushfield St, London E1 6AA, UK

Organised by Fashion District

Discover valuable insights from investment experts and top brands to guide your journey to business success.

About this event
Investment and brand partnerships are crucial for the growth of startups, but securing these opportunities can be challenging. At this unique event, Fashion District brings together angel investors, venture capitalists, and renowned brands to provide an overview of their startup criteria, offer top tips on approaching and pitching, and engage in discussions about industry trends and future prospects. This is your chance to directly access the knowledge and expertise of investment professionals and industry leaders, empowering you to navigate the road to success for your business.
Keynote Presentation: "What do VCs really look for in startups?" by Sam Marchant, Investment Associate at Hambro Perks
Panel Discussion: Engage with our esteemed panellists as they discuss finding suitable angel investors, demonstrating market traction to VCs, brand partnership strategies, industry challenges, solutions, and innovations, and the importance of collaboration in future scenarios.
  • Chaired by: Emily Bullman, True.
  • Panelists: Hannah Williamson (Edge VC), Irene Maffini (PDS Ventures + Alma Angels), Alex Shapiro (Conduit Connect), Carol Hilsum (Farfetch)
Roundtables: Join interactive roundtable discussions with fellow entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs, facilitated by panel members. Gain personalised feedback and tailored insights for your business as the speakers rotate among the tables, sharing their expertise.

Visitor Information
  • Details for access to Spitalfields Studio will be sent nearer to the time.


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Fostering Innovative Partnerships: Inside The Minds of Brands and Investors37 Brushfield St, London E1 6AA, UK