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London, United Kingdom
This two-day event explores productive, radical, contemporary encounters between the arts and mental health, bringing together clinical, artistic and research perspectives that offer a re-interpretation of contemporary mental health science and practice, with a view of imagining a different future.

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Photo: Drag Syndrome

Queering Boundaries

This year's theme, Queering Boundaries, is a prompt to reflect on how boundaries define identities and fields of enquiry within mental health. Boundaries as lines of division can inhibit creative re-imagining of identities and new horizons for knowledge and practice. Arts practices are often messy ground where boundaries become fuzzy and new meanings and possibilities are given space to emerge.


Onsite day - 9 June

  • Drag Syndrome: Ugly Resistance, Beautiful Persistence
  • Workshop with award-winning playwright Mojisola Adebayo
  • Performances by MSc Creative Arts and Mental Health students from their Text, Self and Performance Module.
  • Hölderlin’s Poltergeists: Drama Workshop with Simon Thomas

Online day - 10 June

Keynote speakers:
  • Rachel Mars - Performer, Writer - 'But how am I supposed to feel? Ambivalence, humour and the opportunity of the grey zone in making performance'.
  • Frances Williams from Queercircle

Parallel panels including:
  • Queerness and Mental Health / Neuroqueerness
  • Arts-Based Social Prescribing
  • Gender Queerness
  • Discussions and creative reflections.

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 -  (BST)
Free event: Mad Hearts: The Arts and Mental Health - Queering BoundariesLondon, United Kingdom