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Eve Kalinik, the bestselling author and nutritional therapist, leads a masterclass in how to take good care of your gut – and why it’s essential to whole-body health. Plus, you’ll receive exclusive discount codes for some gut-friendly goodies to help support your body

You’ll have heard phrases like ‘gut instinct’, ‘gut feeling’ and ‘gut reaction’ – and for good reason. Far from offhanded expressions of emotion, they capture something we all have but which is little known: that our guts and our minds have an incredibly strong connection.

In fact, our mind and body rely on the trillions (yes, really!) of microbes that live in the gut. In this fascinating masterclass with the bestselling author and nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik, you will gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between the gut and the brain, including how they collaborate and how you can support this process.
You will explore why we often ‘think with our stomach’, how emotional regulation can impact our guts, and why diet and sleep cycles are crucial to boosting and maintaining whole-body health.

Course content
  • The gut – what is it?
  • Delving into the gut microbiome
  • Understanding why the gut is considered our second brain
  • How the gut and the brain communicate
  • The effect of psychological stress on the gut
  • Looking at the concept of ‘psychobiotics’
  • Factoring in dietary and lifestyle changes to support the gut and the mind
  • The concept of ‘rest and digest’
  • The importance of prioritising sleep
  • An exercise in mindful eating
  • Receive exclusive discounts for some gut-nourishing gifts
  • Q&A


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Happy gut, happy mind: A masterclass with nutritional therapist Eve KalinikLondon, United Kingdom