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64-66 Duke Street, London, W1K 6JD, UK - 64-66 Duke St, London W1K 6JD, UK

Organised by Leica Camera Ltd.

Are you interested in film photography but don’t know where to start? This fascinating workshop aims to teach you the fundamental knowledge required to get started with film photography.

In this practical full day workshop, you will be taught everything you need to know about film, camera technique and practical knowledge as well as have the chance to shoot a roll of film with expert advice from analogue film photographer Jason Avery.

This workshop is both theory based and practical and is suited to those without any prior knowledge of film photography or for those looking for extra help getting started.

In this workshop you can expect to learn:

  • History and fundamentals of film photography
  • The key differences between shooting digital and film
  • Choosing the right film stock
  • Embracing imperfections
  • Basic composition of a photo on film
  • Learn manual settings including shutter speed, aperture and focusing
  • Light metering
  • Loading a film camera and basic set up
  • Unloading film
  • Developing choices and techniques
  • Advice for getting started in the darkroom
  • How to scan or print your pictures
  • Helpful advice on where to buy and develop film

Please note: A Leica camera is not required to attend this class and all 35mm film cameras are welcome.

Limited numbers of Leica film cameras are available to loan for the duration of this workshop at no extra cost. If you wish to loan a Leica film camera please enquire about availibility before booking to akademie.uk@leica-camera.com.

The price of this workshop includes the full day practical workshop, a roll of film and complimentary refreshments and snacks.


Attendees — 23

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