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15 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 3AR, UK

Organised by Jolt

Today, work is never over. There’s always more that can be done and ways to do it, wherever you are.
Life in an early stage (or any stage) startup is nowhere near as glamorous as we’re lead to believe.
It’s hard.
Practically. Psychologically. Emotionally.
If you’re repeatedly working at a frenzied pace without taking a moment for yourself, you'll get stressed.
And with a work flow that shows no signs of easing, the pressure can pile on top.
Burnout can happen to even the most organised of startup employees.
Without monitoring it, it won’t take long for you to feel it.
Which is why it’s important we talk about it.
To keep the fire burning we need to voice the struggles and share survival tips.
So, we’ve created an evening to help you battle burnout.
  • Get expert tips on how to manage your career positively and avoid burnout
  • Learn how to achieve more without losing yourself using meditation and mental wellbeing tools
  • Discover how your health is effected by continued pressure and learn how to help digestion in stressful times
  • Listen to realistic chats about starting your own business and the strain on your brain
  • Mingle with other entrepreneurs and startup employees
  • Eat yummy food for your brain
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