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Discover the transformative power of effective customer journey mapping in this engaging online event.
Join us as Chantel unveils the secret recipe that enabled a renowned business bank to effortlessly convert frowns into smiles for both their employees and customers.

In this session, Chantel Botha will demonstrate how customer journey mapping can transcend organizational silos, fostering collaboration and building bridges between teams. By implementing this strategic approach, you can provide clarity to your entire team while inspiring them with a sense of pride and passion to deliver an unrivaled customer experience.

📄 Join us for a thought-provoking session where Chantel Botha will share:
✔️ practical examples that illustrate the tangible business results achieved through the implementation of customer journey mapping;
✔️ knowledge and insights needed to take your brand's customer experience to new heights.

The session will be followed up with the Q&A, so make sure to join live 😉

🎤 About the speaker
Chantel Botha is the author of “The Customer Journey Mapping Field Guide” and the founder of BrandLove. She helps business leaders to empower their teams to live their brand proudly.
She is passionate about closing the gap between what a brand promises and delivers in reality. Employees are often the moment of truth in customers' experiences with a brand. Over the last 15 years, she has perfected the recipe to turn ordinary employees into Brand Warriors.

About organizers
UXPressia is an all-in-one cloud solution for understanding customer, user, and buyer experience, engaging teams, and driving successful digital transformation. Visualize your customers' journeys, create personas and impact maps, analyze touchpoints in multi-channel interactions, and invite teammates to collaborate in real time. Export designer-quality maps and personas and present them right from your browser online.

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Journey Mapping in Banking: From Complaints To ComplimentsBerlin, Germany