TBC - London, United Kingdom

Organised by INTERLACED

Delving into the unique world of fashion technology, this panel discussion will consider the impact of social media and its future.

About this Event

In their early days, social media networks, and the majority of digital channels, were seen as a cost-effective and direct way for brands to reach potential customers. Having a great presence on Facebook and Instagram meant that emerging designers could compete with industry heavyweight with cool and relevant content that attracted followers, likes and wallets.

But a lot has changed since the dawn of social. Today, the majority of platforms adopt a pay-to-play strategy and algorithms make it harder for content to travel. To keep up and stand out, designers will have to look beyond traditional channels and develop new content formats to engage their audiences.

With consumers now tired of #spon posts, curated influencer feeds and intrusive ads, how can brands create content that people seek out and actually want to consume? What are the new content formats to watch? Which are the hottest new social media platforms? And can creatives use social to their advantage without the risk of having their work copied?

Moderated by Kristina Dimitrova, Founder, INTERLACED, the panel includes fashion designers, brand leaders and social media experts, all exploring innovative methods of communication and storytelling.

Who's this event for?
- Anyone wanting to better understand trends in social media and content creation, in relation to the fashion, retail and beauty sectors
-Anyone who wishes to find out more about innovative marketing tactics, communications channels and selling techniques.
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What to expect:
6:30pm: Arrival + drinks
7:00pm: Panel
8pm: Q&A
8.30pm: Drinks + networking
9pm: close

Meet the Speakers
Cassie Samji (Digital Content Creator)
Cassie is a Content Creator and Fashion & Travel Influencer based in London. Creating visually inspiring images & videos, she aims to provide innovative content to her international audience with a new and unique perspective. Cassie’s brand partnerships include VISA, Visit.London, WeWork, Maltesers, Diet Coke, and Ted Baker. Her work has been featured on news outlets such as NBC’s Today Show, BBC Radio, and Time Out London.

Camilla Purkis-White (Global Digital Marketing Lead, Unilever)
Camilla is a digital marketing specialist with over 10 years experience developing and implementing brand campaigns and digital strategy within FMCG, beauty, luxury & finance. Pivoting between strategy, analytics, creative thinking & content production, she believes in an audience-first approach to digital marketing to deliver meaningful & measurable results. Camilla’s experience includes working on award-winning campaigns for the likes of COTY, COTY Beauty, Sally Hansen, Katy Perry Fragrances and Beyonce Perfumes, among others.

Paul Archer (Founder and MD, Duel)
Paul is the founder and managing director of Duel - a startup turning customers into authentic brand advocates. Duel is solving the lack of emotional connection and social proof in often clinical looking online stores by rewarding customers for creating visual testimonials and advocating among their friends, rather than wasting millions on advertising to drive sales.
Most recently, Duel was shortlisted for the 2019 Fashion District Innovation Challenge Prize and was featured in Gartner’s 2018 Cool Vendors for Retail Merchandising and Marketing.

Sonika Phakey (Digital Marketing Manager, The Digital Fairy)
Sonika is an experienced social media specialist, having recently joined London-based creative agency and consultancy The Digital Fairy where she works with some of the biggest and coolest brands in the biz to connect them to youth audiences. Using intuition, insights and sparkle, The Digital Fairy builds creative solutions and amplifies cultural relevance on and offline, often helping commercial brands become cult, and cult brands become more commercial. Sonika's role sits at the core of the agency, connecting the creative, production and strategy teams to inform and drive results through content, e-commerce and influencer marketing. She believes in a data-driven approach to digital marketing through a creative lens, always striving to deliver return-on-investment as well as cultural impact. Recent projects include working with Adidas, Depop, Free Periods, Dove, The Body Shop and Ariana Grande Fragrances.
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