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The news earlier this year that the UK has joined the Asia-PacificCPTPP trade bloc is yet more illustration of the lure of growth markets around the world, that may not be the places where B2B brands have traditional focused(e.g. EMEA or North America). Asia/Pac economies such as India are belying sluggish performance elsewhere, whilst Latin America, the Near East and the even Eastern Europe offer significant opportunities for the right proposition.
But potential does not equate to certainty – often quite the opposite – and many sound companies have come undone chasing opportunities in an overseas market where they are ill prepared or equipped, or both. In this roundtable we’ll explore what marketing leaders need to know about expansion into new territories, and highlight key lessons to maximise opportunities.
We’ll discuss:
  • Market mapping – which criteria should you use to determine growth markets?
  • Global, local or glocal? How to create the right team structure for your expansion into new territories.
  • Cultural dissonance: How to accommodate culture within your marketing creative and messaging, or at least avoid the obvious blunders
  • Channel crossing: Understanding different routes to market and where to engage your audience.
  • Tuning in to buying signals: how to ensure you get the right meaning from feedback.
… and anything else related to this topic that you’d like to discuss.


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Leaders Roundtable: Targeting Growth MarketsWestgate House 9, London EC1N 2LL, UK