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Join us as we discuss how freelancers in the film & TV industry can protect the environment and their wellbeing on productions

About this event

Productions teams are constantly making changes to ensure that they're having less of an impact on the planet - but what about the impact that the planet and its rapidly changing climate is already having on them?

How do we need to consider the risks that extreme weather events - 40-degree heat, local flooding, wildfires, might have on our productions, our cast and our crew? How can we look to prepare, adapt, mitigate and insure against potential impacts to our productions, and as an industry heavily reliant on freelancers, how can they be equipped to protect themselves too.

In this webinar, co-presented by BECTU Vision, we are joined by our excellent speakers to consider these questions and talk about the research and solutions:

Adeel Amini - Series Producer / Founder of TV Mindset & Coalition for Change / BAFTA TV Committee
Ryan Morrison – Just Transition officer, STUC
Catherine Payne​ - Climate Resilience Manager, Sniffer
Wendy Griffin & Brodie Pringle - Freelance Producers


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Managing climate risks - On production and as a freelancerLondon, United Kingdom