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Dublin, Ireland

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You’ve probably heard of mindful colouring, but have you tried mindful creativity?

Join Dublin coaching team The Reluctant Gurus in this introductory workshop exploring the relationship between creativity and mindfulness - and how they can work together to aid your mental wellbeing, helping you live a happier, more holistic life. Suitable for everyone from complete novices to professional artists, you will take part in a mix of fun and relaxing practical exercises designed to bring greater presence, fulfilment and creativity to your everyday life.

Being creative is incredibly beneficial to your mental health. As children we are given the space to explore and create every day - and this is an integral part of how we make sense of the world and manage our emotions growing up. As adults, we often don’t prioritise time for this. In this fun and informative workshop, we will revisit how to bring this sense of creativity and imagination back into your day to day, with the aim of encouraging more present, mindful living.

In this workshop, we will be exploring the following concepts:

• Mindfulness

• Connecting with your innate creativity

• How to harness the power of creative flow for mindful living

• How to use creativity and mindfulness to live a happier life

We will also be getting involved in the following activities:

• Automatic drawing and writing

• Creative paper crafting

• Symbols and mandalas

• Japanese Haikus

This event is taking place live from Dublin, Ireland. Please calculate the time difference if joining from elsewhere.

About the Host:
THE RELUCTANT GURUS are two young women who believe that creativity is key to living a better and more fulfilling life. Based in Ireland, they regularly work across the world hosting wellness workshops focusing on creativity, mindfulness, career, and relationships.

Aine is a communications expert who has worked all around the world with organisations such as the UN. An environmental advocate and meditation teacher, she is founder of sustainable living and travel website Eco Conscious Traveller.

With a masters in visual anthropology from Oxford University, Shannon is a full-time content creator and workshop facilitator. She has worked for world-leading organisations such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and her workshops have been featured on media such as RTE News.

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Attendees — 7

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Mindful Creativity Workshop with The Reluctant GurusDublin, Ireland