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We’re facing a mass return to some kind of normal office life/life and it made me think about that feeling of going back to school. Excitement, anxiety, fear, dread: so many emotions. It’s possible you’re re-living some of these feelings and wondering what life is going to be like in the ‘new normal.’ How will you hold on to what you’ve learned? What are your boundaries around time, safety, travel? Are your priorities still the same? Will your job be the same? Do you want it to be? When will you do your washing!?

In this free, one hour creative writing workshop we'll explore how you’re feeling coming out of lockdown and how you might make the best of this next transition. Sign up here through The Dots (I'll email one week before from cpsdayoff@gmail.com), or feel free to sign up directly here.

Writing for life really is a hidden super power almost everyone has access to. It can help you to get in touch with yourself and how you’re feeling. It can surface perspectives and insights as well as ways to explore and move forward with challenges and opportunities (no grammar or experience required).
Through writing and discussion, we’ll take a look at:
· What you loved/hated/learned during the past year of change
· Your boundaries and priorities around time, people, travel, safety
· What ‘new normal’ means to you

We’ll also take a look at ways to stay grounded and how to use writing going forwards to help with life and its challenges.

If you support people in any capacity and think they might benefit from this kind of session, I’d be very happy to discuss running it privately. To find out more go to cpsdayoff.com or email me at cpsdayoff@gmail.com.

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