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By focusing on best practice methods around training, coaching, delegating and providing effective feedback, this course will equip delegates with the tools needed to grow and develop their people, allowing individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Download Course Overview.
This course is part of the CMI Level 3 Fast Track Leadership Programme - view the full programme here.
Key Take-Aways
  • Learn the huge benefits of developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals and teams.
  • Discover how to develop and use a personal development plan to maximise performance. 
  • Master the different types of development opportunities available to support individuals and teams.
  • Understand how to identify and select development opportunities for individuals and teams which will boost the long-term success of your company.
  • Taken individually or as course 3 in the CMI Level 3 Fast Track Leadership Programme, delegates will build on focus on performance to ensure they are supporting individuals in a way that resonates with them, by understanding their learning styles team members will feel engaged, encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential.


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Nurturing Talent - November 2023London, United Kingdom