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Join us for a truly eye-opening panel discussion featuring none other than Sarabeth Lewis, one of the Growth Product Managers at AppSumo! Get ready to delve deep into the combo of marketing and product management.

  • Learn how to build product strategies that are rooted in solving genuine customer problems, not just generating ideas.
  • Gain actionable insights on how to foster seamless collaboration between product and marketing teams for superior customer satisfaction and business growth.
  • Understand the complexities that make product development timelines inherently flexible and how to manage marketing expectations effectively.

In conversation with Sarabeth Lewis

Sarabeth Lewis is a Product Manager at AppSumo focused on growth, from site-wide A/B testing, building 0-to-1 products with AI, to fostering community engagement. Previously she was co-founder of a content design and copywriting agency. Away from the desk, she’s slowly remodeling a 1980’s Austin home and learning how to meditate through art.
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Q&A: Outcome-Centric Product Strategy with AppSumo’s Growth Product TeamLondon, United Kingdom