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Join Readymag’s Twitter Space talk on collaboration in design on November 8th at 19:00 СET, 18:00 UTC. Our guests include Zipeng Zhu, Art Director at Dazzle Studio, Mira Malhotra, founder of Studio Kohl. The talk will be hosted by Alya Datii, Head of Marketing at Readymag and the producer of Readymag’s report "Unscrambling Design Collaboration".

Date and Time: November 8th, 19:00 СET, 18:00 UTC
Topic: The Role of Collaboration in Design Work
Event: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1eaKbgkYemoGX?s=20
Participation: Free

How do creators approach collaboration in design work? What strategies do they find most effective in achieving successful collaborative outcomes? During the talk, creators will discuss examples of both positive and challenging experiences with design collaboration in their careers and share lessons learned from these experiences.

By 2023, Readymag focus had shifted towards streamlining design workflow and collaboration within the tool. As part of this move, Readymag conducted a survey on design collaboration that engaged over 370 designers across diverse industries. "Unscrambling Design Collaboration" provides an in-depth analysis of design collaboration practices, challenges, and solutions. To delve into the world of design collaboration, Readymag surveyed over 370 designers worldwide. The report was further enriched with insights from influential designers, including Korie Cull, Art Director at Apple; Giorgia Lupi, Partner at Pentagram; Chen Mizrach, Creative Director at Mindspace, and others.

The report highlights the importance of teamwork: collaborative projects tend to outperform individual efforts when it comes to achieving business objectives, with an impressive 74.4% of respondents favoring collaboration over solitary endeavors. Interestingly, collaboration is seen as both relieving and stressful by 61.5% of respondents, while 14.7% find it stressful. Peer feedback holds great importance for 38.2% of participants.

Date and Time: November 8th, 19:00 СET, 18:00 UTC
Participation: Free
Event: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1eaKbgkYemoGX?s=20

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Readymag: The Role of Collaboration in Design WorkBerlin, Germany