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Online - Sofia, Bulgaria

Organised by Artineraire

SlavConf. Reinforcement 2021 is our 5th anniversary! International conference for culture and creative industry with the ambition to help people worldwide.

It is an award-winning event for career and creative development in the area of culture, humanities and arts. The first conference in Europe for business in relation of arts, culture and humanities.
  • Starting as a career forum of the Faculty of Slavic Studies at the oldest university in Bulgaria - University of Sofia
  • Being considered to be in high degree of significance by the student community in Eastern Europe
  • Being notable due to the authentic topics on the talks and panels (such as "Dark Literature Panel" with world-renown horror writers; and the talks on “How to Prepare for a Live TV Show”, "Character Development", "The Perception of Management", etc.)
Learn more about the processes and trends of reinforcing the creative industry.

Adapt and enrich your knowledge by experts from all over the world. Over the past years, the speakers of the event came from Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Russia, Italy, the United States, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Colombia and Japan. Exchange experience and share your interests, ask your questions and reveal the direction of your career development or your own business.

Free to attend - register here: slavconf.com/reinforcement

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More about us: slavconf.com

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SlavConf. Reinforcement (5th Anniversary)Sofia, Bulgaria