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London UK - Sarabande Foundation, 22 Hertford Rd, Haggerston, London N1 5SH, UK
SUM presents a 'house' and 'garden' to showcase the culmination of our current artists-in-residence's time at Sarabande.

About this event
For 11 contemporary artists currently based at Sarabande’s studios in Haggerston, SUM is the culmination of their residency. Represented as an inviting house and lush garden, the exhibition is the quintessential allegory for their time spent together. Through collaboration and cohabitation, they have nurtured and grown their practices as well as their relationships with each other. Over the course of four weeks, the artists welcome the audience into their ‘home’ to see the exhibition and to experience takeovers, performances and family-style dinners. Please see details on artist takeovers below.
A small, white ‘house’ structure and surrounding ‘garden’ will display works that reference either the domestic or nature. A woven entrance by Jia Xi Li will hang from the house’s frame, there will be a bed, hand-painted, embodying the relentless defiance of Iranian women by Laila Tara H, experimental, wet plate photographs by Kasia Wozniak and photo work exploring rhinoplasty in Iran by Shirin Fathi. It will also create a perch for six wearable crows to come to life through the performances of Isabel Castro Jung.
The ‘garden’ will reveal animals drawn and painted by Robert Cooper; tombstones sculpted by Taryn O’Reilly; sumptuous paintings by Fuchsia; a digital well, tucked in the grass, created by Zongbo Jiang; a table with a woven top of hair and leather by Anouska Samms; and a fountain that will gradually erode from the acid held inside it by Urte Janus.
Across the run of the exhibition, residents will hold two food-based events - Spanish food served alongside a performance by Isabel Castro Jung on Saturday 12th August, and a day of traditional Iranian funeral sweets served out of the house by Laila Tara H on Saturday 26th August.


Attendees — 6

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SUM: The Sarabande Summer Group ShowSarabande Foundation, 22 Hertford Rd, Haggerston, London N1 5SH, UK