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Organised by Lone Design Club

Unleash your creativity at our exhilarating upcycling workshop with META VOCUS - reimagine and reinvent an item of clothing!

About this event
Join us for an upcycling workshop and unleash your creativity! Paint and transform a piece of clothing with META VOCUS!
Bring an old piece of clothing such as a shirt, jeans, jacket, or sweatshirt, and reinvent it through painting. In this workshop, you will guide you on how to personalise your clothing using fabric paint and pens. You will also learn how to make any piece of clothing unique through creativity! Whether you want to give a second life to an old piece of clothing or embellish one of your favourite items, this workshop is for you.
You are welcome to join us anytime between 6 pm to 9 pm. The workshop coincides with the week 4 brand unveil, so you will have the chance to grab a free drink during your creative experience!
It is suitable for all skill sets, no prior experience is necessary. Our focus will be on personalisation, and each participant will be assisted according to their desired outcome.
Join a community of like-minded individuals and immerse yourself in the thrill of discovering something truly unique. Let your creativity flow and sign up for an unforgettable upcycling workshop with Meta Vocus today! See you there!
At its essence, Meta Vocus originated from a desire to raise awareness about complex societal and environmental issues. Its founders, Lili Boros and Mélina Quenneville, created the brand with the ambition to use wearable art and activism to promote change. Combining their passion for art and self-expression, they began creating utopian worlds through intermittent and simultaneous painting sessions. Over time, they realised that their art could be a medium for activism, as each painting draws attention to specific subject matters such as the Anthropocene, Social Inequalities, and the importance of education. Through the creation of our Capsules, they combined art and purpose to articulate their vision for change. They named this venture: META VOCUS.
* Please note that we take photos at all events
* Please note that this event is for over 18s only. LDC will operate a ‘Challenge 25’ age verification policy. This means that if a person looks under the age of 25 years of age, they must prove upon arrival to security or front-of-house staff that they are over 18 years old by presenting an acceptable form of photo identification bearing their photograph, date of birth, and a holographic/ultraviolet mark.

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The Club East: Revive and Redesign with META VOCUSLondon, United Kingdom