London, United Kingdom

Organised by Somerset House

Mutant Promise presents new online works with EBM(T), a virtual aural room and aural experimentation practice for discovery and sharing of sounds.

Tune into the livestream via this link on August 5th at 6pm BST

Curated by sound platform EBM(T), this online premiere presents work from artists Miriam Stoney and Amosphere within a deep listening environment; inviting audiences to engage via a virtual immersive listening room in the first of a new series of personalized concerts, exhibitions, and sessions from EBM(T). Featuring Miriam Stoney (AT), Amosphère (FR/CN) and Toiret Status (JP), working from different locations across the internet, the three works are the result of intimate online performances by each artist for an audience of one.

An online performance by Toiret Status takes the audience on a personalized car ride around his own resident town in the Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan. Between online and public space, Status presents an introspective trip of personal and shared time and space.

33-33 label artist Amosphère will create a score and spatialized composition inside 3d virtual chatroom Mozilla Hubs devised for the participant’s sign and birth chart.

And Miriam Stoney will use speech, binaural audio, live video and text over Zoom interrogating data as economy, digital ethics and data protection. Find out more here.

EBM (T) have curated an online sound exhibition in parallel between 5 August 2020  and 9 September 2020, featuring artist Hideki Umezawa.


Attendees — 23

 - Virtual Listening Room With Internet Sound Collective EBM(T)London, United Kingdom