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As an Internet-born generation, we are all familiar with the most infamous domain error: 404 “not found”. 404 Studio stands as an analogy between the obsolescence of Internet, that is constantly being shaped to our modern needs, and the traditional metier of crochet, which is the brand’s main technique. 404 Studio is an emerging fashion brand - born and based in Spain - whose approach to Fashion is based on seeking uniqueness and reinventing tradition through a contemporary vision, by the design and production of crafted knitwear garments, ensuring the highest quality However, the whole concept goes far beyond a mere fashion brand, being considered as a laboratory of creation. In addition, 404 merges fashion with different creative expressions such as art and cinema, each collection being aroused by a movie - such as Lolita by Kubrick, Twin Peaks by Lynch, Suspiria by Argento, The Prisioner 1967. Thus, it brings out a reinterpretation of the chosen screenplay’s imaginary and aesthetics through the garments, which - at once - is communicated by different artistic manners. The brand recreates an artistic universe, offering an experience that allows people to glimpse into 404 Studio’s creative atmosphere and curating the artistic as well as cultural idea expressed in the film.

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