The nature-first, curiosity-powered, live, online school.

London, United Kingdom


Ask big questions. Learn what matters. Be ready for the future. Why we do what we do… We believe that of all the times in history, we need people to be learning and wanting to learn. Meanwhile, our outdated education system is in crisis: teaching people to memorise and regurgitate information, and do “conveyor belt” tasks even as AI is developed to replace them. Hundreds of millions are being taught skills that are rapidly becoming obsolete. According to the UN, 65% of children currently in primary school will go into jobs that don’t even exist yet. To prepare learners for an uncertain future, we need to be teaching how to think creatively and critically, to be curious, to love discovery, to build links between often separated ideas, and to work collaboratively. Our idea of winning has been greatly distorted. In nature, to win is to become a valued part of a community, not to dominate: if one entity dominates in nature, everything suffers. We believe that the role of teachers is changing: the leading teachers of the future will be those that inspire, engage, and act as charismatic tour guides of information, rather than top-down disseminators of it. The best teachers will design their teaching around nature, and help to bring diverse people and ideas together. About AimHi… 
AimHi is the nature-first, curiosity-powered, live online school where everyone can learn, interact and be inspired by exceptional educators and charismatic role models from anywhere in the world. Our missions are to…
 Make world-class live learning accessible to everyone. Provoke curiosity and a desire for discovery in as many people as possible. Empower people to think critically, to act on the basis of evidence, and to be wiser and kinder stewards of our biosphere and communities. Prepare global citizens for roles that don’t yet exist, and inspire diverse voices to tackle the world’s biggest problems. Put nature first in all of our thinking. Since foundation in March 2020, AimHi has reached over 20,000 students in more than 100 countries, hosting guests including Jane Goodall and George Monbiot and winning the support of organisations including the Eden Project, Cambridge Zero, Education Scotland, Reboot The Future, Future Foundations and 1% For The Planet. AimHi has excellent reviews on Trustpilot - AimHi is presently a mostly volunteer-run organisation, working remotely across 4 continents. The AimHi team spans teachers, designers, editors, marketing experts, scientists and advisors, coming together several times a week to plan and exchange ideas. Our culture is friendly, respectful and fast-paced. We are all dedicating our time to building a better future, and so we work hard, we bring our best selves to the table. If you think that education should be made accessible for everyone, that nature should be at the centre of its design, and that only learning can and should be better, then AimHi is the place for you.