Audiation Magazine

For the love of music..



Eclectic magazine for the expression of music and the creative arts. For the love of music.. we interpret this passion through variations including fashion, art, lifestyle and words from the heart of the industry. Audiation Magazine Ltd boasts of 37 International distributors including Kobo, Issuu, iBooks, Mondadori, Calameo, Magzter, Rakuten and Barnes & Noble. We also have free applications for IOS and Android devices. The world is growing ever more digital, with this in mind, we have made our magazine accessible to as many outlets possible. The magazine is offered as a free publication in order to reach the maximum audience. Since launching May 2014, we have reached an audience of over 38 thousand global readers. Our readership has increased by 184% since our first year with a significant boost in our distribution services. Audiation Magazine Ltd is a registered company in the UK with writers from across the globe. Each member of the team has their own passions and projects bringing unique ideas to the magazine. The term Audiation means the imagination of sound.