Earn while you speak

London, United Kingdom


Video learning is so 2005. We demand a future where anyone can create and listen to learning no matter who they are or where they are. With audio, you can be yourself, and it makes peer to peer learning easier. It’s direct, accessible and doesn’t rely on flashy effects and studio lighting. More people will be empowered to create! Audio lessons: 1. Empower creators to share their knowledge & experience (say goodbye to awkward camera angles and technical difficulties). 2. Build a community of creators and the curious, sharing and learning on their terms. 3. Rebel against the expected. We’re taking the learning out of the lecture halls and off the screen. Create and learn on the go or on the sofa, whilst your cooking or juggling, sipping a coffee or finishing a 5k. This is global learning created by people for the masses. It’s learning — but not as you’ve heard it. We’re raising our voices and turning up the volume on audio learning. So, get above the noise.

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