Blake College

London, United Kingdom



Blake is a small, friendly, independent college in Islington, London. Established in 1986, we offer a wide range of daytime and evening courses in Art and Design subjects. We provide a lively, informal learning atmosphere where students are treated as individuals and are given personalised guidance and support throughout their course. We tailor a suitable programme of studies for each student and encourage them to develop their own enthusiasms while offering a great deal of flexibility. Our small size allows us to get to know all our students as individuals so that we can help them to realise their personal potential and guide them towards achieving their own goals. Blake is refreshingly different from the many large and impersonal colleges that may be well established but are often not flexible enough to meet the needs of the individual student. As an accredited qualification centre we can offer a range of internationally recognised qualifications. We also receive some government funding which we use to offer reduced fees or free courses to qualifying students - please get in touch for details.

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