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Horsham, United Kingdom


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Brand Filmworks provide video and still photography services on the ground and in the air. Our two man teams include a CAA qualified remote pilot and camera operator flying the Inspire 2 drone for super sharp, super smooth imagery for a broad range of projects including film, advertising, marketing, TV, events, property, surveying, agriculture, sports, archaeology and safety inspection. Our recent clients include the Avanti Media, Adhoc Film, Agile Film, Plimsoll Productions, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Vermillion Film, NPS Group, 4MediaRelations, Morgan Sindall Construction, Reef TV and UEA. Brand Filmworks have CAA Permissions for commercial aerial work throughout the UK and are insured up to £10m. Operators who are not able to provide CAA Permissions as evidence of qualification are operating illegally outside of CAA legislation.



CAA Permission


  • Tim Kahane is qualified to fly drones and operate with 'permissions' for aerial work as regulated by The Civil Aviation Authority.


  • Trigger Air has a 'remote pilots qualification' to operate small UAVs or drones. This qualification was awarded by The Resource Group.

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