Brummells of London



What is Brummells of London? A specialist multi-brand retailer dedicated to fine fragrance, beauty and grooming. What drives us? Our aim at Brummells of London is simple. To find exquisite products from around the world, share their story and bring genuine delight into our customer’s hearts and homes. By introducing our followers to new finds or reconnecting them with old flames we have established an incredibly loyal following of individuals whom, like us, love extraordinary products. It is why we have chosen the pineapple as our emblem. The Pineapple. Centuries ago a fresh pineapple was a rare and coveted delicacy. An item hand picked and brought back from distant lands to adorn the homes of the discerning few. The Brummells pineapple is a unique connection to the spirit of our own journey in hand-picking the very best from around the world and bringing them home to share with our customers. London Flagship Boutique. The new Brummells of London flagship store can be found nestled in the cobbled courtyard of the boutique community of Ham Yard Village in Soho, London. The boutique is designed around the brand’s signature emblem: the pineapple. In partnership with two of London’s leading design agencies and a specialist artisan metal foundry, Brummells of London has produced a bold and singular design for their new boutique store. Framed around a bespoke brass and American black walnut veneered pineapple. The curved walls, mimicking the organic shape of the pineapple, share the same textured pattern as the ‘skin’ of the central unit. The conceptual retail space is designed to showcase the rare and exquisite.