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What we're about We are a community of innovators who organize and lead inspiring presentations and workshops to help professionals to be update on the last trends in businesses, from innovation and agile methodologies to other ways of thinking economy and society to have a better and sustainable life, organization and society. Our top-topics: - Co-creation with systematic innovation: how the frameworks can help your team to create new products, improve processes and business models. - Motivate people and create more effective teams with agile methodologies such as OKRs - New technology and business model trends: with business cases and networking. Key Facts: - Started in Berlin as a Meetup in 2016: ( - More than 5000 members in Berlin, London and Barcelona, and growing - More than 50 events created (in situ and online) - More than 20 facilitators and speakers - Attendee from more than 20 different countries, from Startups to Corporate - Network between attendees with possibilities of talent acquisition and other collaborations Who: - Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and facilitators. - Facilitators: if you want to run a meetup, get in touch. - Entrepreneurs: if you want to put your idea under pressure and get feedback from others, get in touch. - Corporates: if you want us to take the meetup to your organization or sponsor our events, get in touch. Format: - The events are after work and are based on presentation and miniworkshop, to learn how to apply these tools in our business models and/or daily work. Other channels: Our website: Our Learning: Wanna learn about innovation and entrepreneurship? (

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