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You know what CANADA is? All right, it is a country in North America. But it is also a collective of directors from Barcelona, Spain. And a production company. And what is CANADA London? CANADA London is the UK arm of the Spanish production company. CANADA began just as a collective of directors. Very soon we started producing ourselves to do music videos and things like that. If a budget was low we'd produce it. When we realised our best works were those we had produced, we decided it was a good idea to start producing our own work. That's how we became a production company. Then we felt we could also produce other directors with which we would feel close. We'd just extend to these new guys the philosophy of filmmaking we'd apply to our own work: direction and production working as close as possible, with a chirurgical spent of every euro and a creative approach to everything. This is how we became a production company with a roster.

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