Chris Whiteman Interiors

Bespoke Furniture

Waltham Abbey, United Kingdom


Address: The Willows, Galley Hill Rd, Aimes Green Waltham Abbey Essex EN9 2BJ Phone: 01992 272090 Email: We craft individual furniture and also bring older pieces back to life for families, indoor designers, show homes and also shops. The Whiteman Collection showcases the individual furniture created in partnership with a talented framemaker. Together, we design, build and finish pieces that are cherished for generations. Working with Whiteman Interiors is working with four generations of craftspeople. For over half a century, we've crafted and also brought back to life furniture for families throughout London and also the South East. We've built relationships, practised our craft and also handed down our skills. As a family and as a company, we've created furniture with a past, a present and also a future.