Conservation Collective

Global network of locally-focused environmental foundations


The Conservation Collective comprises a global network of locally-focused environmental foundations, emerging from mankind’s natural instinct to protect what it loves. The Conservation Collective facilitates funding for the most effective grassroots environmental initiatives, with world-class oversight, management and programme aid. Today there are twelve affiliated funds in our network, based all over the world from Mallorca (Spain) to Sri Lanka, and most recently the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. There are many more under development from Tuscany to the Bahamas. The Conservation Collective network collates and shares best practice, and fosters a ‘virtual’ global team in order to ensure maximum collaboration. We are hands on and flexible funders, involving, empowering and strengthening local communities in order to build capacity and create the maximum potential positive impact. Each fund is apolitical, independent, not for profit and privately funded. Total funds raised stands at over £4,000,000.

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