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Short of actually putting your product or service into your customers’ hands and making them try it; nothing demands more attention than getting it seen and heard onscreen by the ‘right’ people. But even a practical, one-to-one, hands-on demonstration could never compete with an audience of hundreds, or even thousands of potential customers intent on watching you from the comfort of their home or office; totally captivated by the story you are sharing… You see, making ‘great’ videos for your company is about far more than just standing in front of a camera and talking, or taking a few shots of what you do. It is about telling your story, capturing imaginations, stirring emotions, delivering a powerful message and ‘most importantly’ compelling your prospects and customers to pick up the phone or place an order. Great business videos result in more business. Video is no longer an optional extra on websites and in social media. It has become an essential and highly valuable marketing asset. All the top brands in your industry now use videos; some good, some average and some not so good; but they will all be using them. The only choice that you need to make is: Do you simply want a video like everyone else, or do you want to tell a story that will demonstrate your passion for what you do and your commitment to providing the best solution out there; to show your customers why you really are the only logical choice for them. Here are a few things to consider before choosing which video production company to help you create the single most important online lead generator that your business could use in today’s video-led marketplace: Will they learn about you and your true value first? Are they able to translate your passion into their own? Can they show you a portfolio of existing client videos? Will their owner GUARANTEE that you are delighted with the result? Do they have the very latest equipment and creative editing expertise available? Most corporate video production companies will simply talk technology, then turn up and shoot the shoot. We are interested in you, your story and how best to turn it into a super-compelling, visually-stunning, business-generating ‘success story’. And we will use the very best in technical equipment and lighting too… GET A QUICK QUOTE Get in touch and start to experience the difference that Creative Film will make to your visibility, credibility and profitability online: 0161 724 8761