Stockholm, Sweden


Fikra’s business is to provide production and consultancy services in the creative and cultural industries, with a particular focus on cross-cultural projects between the Nordic region and the Middle East. Our business is divided into two separate branches; The film production part which focuses on developing and producing film & TV projects, as well as collaborating with other creative storytellers to co-develop and co-produce other projects. The second branch is to provide various support and services to clients within film and other creative industries, through both practical and hands-on services, as well as business development and strategic advice for a wider range of companies in entertainment and the arts. Fikra means "idea" in Arabic, and we chose that name because we believe that ideas are the key drivers in the world, in arts as well as in business. So we wanted to bring our ideas and expertise in combining these philosophies to tell stories and build cultural bridges to better the world we live in. It's all in the ideas! Our clients come mainly from the film industry, advertising industry, entertainment technologies and digital services. We also work with more traditional industries, public sector and in collaboration with other consulting companies.