Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company

Revolutionary Actor Training for an Evolving Industry


Fourth Monkey is an actor training school and producing theatre company. Established in 2010 and registered as a charity in November 2015, it was founded on the core principles of collaboration and inclusivity by its leadership team of Charleen Qwaye and Steven Green and is the UK's first ever repertory training company. Since it was founded, Fourth Monkey has continued to grow and evolve in its delivery of dynamic, collaborative and contemporary actor training in response to the needs and demands of the theatre and arts industry whilst giving rise to change within the sector where it considers change to be overdue. Fourth Monkey's emphasis on collaborative, innovative training is reflected in the organisation's dynamic community of staff and students, who work within the inclusive, supportive environment of the school's London training base. Fourth Monkey's students live and work as an ensemble throughout the duration of their training, developing and honing their skills through practice and performance with the aim of creating actors, theatre makers and performers who are trained, employable and industry-ready in two years. The organisation's critically acclaimed professional touring company, Fourth Monkey Ensemble, provides professionally paid performance opportunities for Fourth Monkey alumni to galvanise their skills, develop their CV, broaden their industry understanding and contribute to the production of challenging and innovative contemporary work that focus on the celebration of unheard and underrepresented voices. The organisation has grown rapidly over the past 10 years. In 2015, it moved into a specially renovated site in Finsbury Park, aptly named the Monkey House. This venue has extensive rehearsal, training and studio space, student facilities, offices and meeting spaces to support the organisation in the delivery of its operational objectives.

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