A comms and media planning consultancy

London, United Kingdom


Franckly is a comms strategy and media planning consultancy. We will help you grow your business by developing comms strategies and media plans that have your audience at their heart. We are applying 10 years of experience of planning and running national and global media strategies and campaigns. We are working holistically across platforms such as digital display, digital video and social media as well as TV, OOH, print and audio. The most effective campaigns have a cross-channel plan to increase the impact of your message. We will pick the right platforms for your target audience to not only talk to existing customers, but also to talk to your prospects in order for your business to grow. If your audience is not 100% defined yet, we will define it for you to allow building a focused comms plan. ​Franckly also offers regular webinars around current media topics to help SMEs tap into new channels or get a refresh. For anyone who is looking to get a deep dive in a media channel, a comms strategy approach or measurement we offer bespoke courses for you or your team.

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