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There’s an age-old proverb that you’ll probably find in every other get-rich-quick self-help book. ‘’Do not mix friendship with business’’ To most people in the creative industry this idea is a phrase that goes without saying however Friends Are Always Welcomed abandons and opposes this archaic notion. For years we have looked at activities like business through a one-dimensional scope: Make profit consistently and hopefully our profits will bring us freedom and happiness. But the truth is it's not in our DNA to exploit. The human is a social creature and we thrive in groups and Friends Are Always Welcomed embraces this and welcomes all friends who want to make cool stuff. Friends Are Always Welcomed is a creative agency that unconventionally focuses on developing a village of creatives that build and exchange work for themselves. It’s an ‘’organisation’’ that is built for friends by friends. It relies on itself and the expertise of friends which consistently results in honest work. It’s a members-club for creatives that we vouch for (Friends). Real friendship is the purest relationship a person can have. Working with friends pushes you to create the purest work you could make and it’s for this reason why Friends Are Always Welcome.

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