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752 Bagnell Dam Blvd suite a, Lake Ozark, MO 65049, USA


Ryan had never intended to become a Realtor. As he grew up by the Lake and pursued his education away at college, the idea of returning to his hometown wasn't part of his initial plans. His father had been among the pioneering realtors at the Lake, starting his journey back in 1970. He had built a thriving real estate brokerage, and everyone around him assumed he would naturally follow in his father's footsteps. However, he persisted in forging his path and proving them all wrong. Following college, he went to St. Louis and embarked on a career in the office equipment industry, selling something remarkable for the time—fax machines! Surprisingly, that career took off, and before he knew it, he was a national sales manager for a company, traveling extensively across the country. There was nothing inherently wrong with his trajectory. He was succeeding and could foresee a promising future ahead. But the more he immersed himself in the corporate world, the more he daydreamed about his cherished hometown. He came to realize that he truly missed the serenity of the Lake. Thus, in 1999, he left his job and returned to the Lake, accompanied by his then-fiancée and now-wife, Jennifer. He worked alongside his father, absorbing the intricacies of the real estate business, and gradually began establishing his roster of clients, which steadily grew over the years. His father imparted to him the significance of nurturing enduring relationships and treating clients like family. His father often shared the unique allure of ""Lake Life"" with his clientele, inviting them to their home for gatherings or taking them out for boating adventures. That's how things were back then, and that's the ethos he still adheres to today. After over twenty years, he would keep everything the same and has facilitated the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars in properties. The Lake of the Ozarks holds a special place in his heart. He relishes its lifestyle and people, and he's eager to share this treasure with anyone willing to embrace it—from first-time homebuyers and families acquiring their inaugural Lake home or condo to investors seeking their next significant opportunity. He takes pride in his expertise and candidness, guiding his clients to make informed decisions. Many of his clients would attest that he's dissuaded them from more properties than he's convinced them to pursue. Moreover, he's proud of his involvement in the real estate sector, having served as President of his Local and State Association of Realtors. Over the past couple of decades, life has undoubtedly transformed. He and Jen now have two children, a canine companion, and three feline friends! During the summer months, they're often found lounging on their dock at the 6-mile marker, riding wave runners, or cruising on their boat—whether scouting out properties, exploring coves, or heading to their favored Sunday morning breakfast spots. He considers himself profoundly fortunate to call this place 'home,' and he's unequivocal about having the most fulfilling job in the world! Phone: 573-262-8887