Go Fish Video

Video Production Service


We're a business production business, which indicates we have the expertise and also tools to handle your project throughout. From scriptwriting to special effects, we'll work diligently in turning your vision into a commercial selling masterpiece! Our Process: Conceptualize: First, we get creative and determine precisely just how to introduce your product and services. From there, we develop an outline, script, as well as execution plan. Compose: Our team of writers, directors, producers, designers, actors, and also team fuses our visions. Then we create, with camera and audio gear of the highest caliber to create an enchanting story. Complete: Last, we edit - constructing our footage into its last form, including advanced visual effects, sound design, music, as well as color grading. Address: 400 S Main St #701 Los Angeles California 90013 Phone: 310-927-5016 Email: info@gofishvideo.com