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Facilitating the Success of Struggling Artists

London, United Kingdom

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Mission Guts Gallery aims to provide financial support and exhibition opportunities for artists less platformed within today’s contemporary art scene. Our desire is to facilitate space and exposure for BAME artists, female artists, working-class artists, queer artists, and artists outside of London (bridging the North/South divide). Through initiating relationships between established and emerging artists, we can create an inclusive and diverse arts community, with a dynamic and interesting creative working environment to produce new structures that enable emerging artists to have the exposure they are often denied. The Purpose The distribution of wealth within the arts operates on a model which mirrors that of wider social austerity; it disproportionately benefits people who do not experience racial oppression, gender or class discriminations. In order to facilitate the success of struggling artists, individuals in the art world and institutions who are financially and creatively influential need to recognise and discuss the lack of resources available to a large number of artists who are systematically disadvantaged and unheard. Why buy through Guts? Guts Gallery prides itself on claiming low commissions on sold artwork. We recognise and aim to act upon the hardships faced by artists within the current political climate, and have created a system in which the artist is prioritised and financially supported. Buying through Guts Gallery will not only set a new precedent for ethical commissioning and purchasing relationships but will directly support the artist putting them at the centre and generating a much-needed support system. If you see an artists work you like, please feel free to get in touch in regards to other available works and commissions. ​We work closely with our delivery partners and packers to ensure the safe transportation of your artwork nationally and internationally.

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