Martial Arts


P O Box 44 Drummoyne New South Wales 1470 Australia 0477 067 333 Karma Kung Fu is seniors training group for Wing Chun Kung Fu, our technique focuses on internal power generation which relies upon structural alignment as well as relaxation. Sifu Adrian Chaudhary and other experienced and also like-minded martial artists with decades of experience, all are experienced Sifu's (teacher) have years of experience. We take new participants by invitation including teenagers. We focus is on the 3 forms (Sil Lum Tao, Chum Kui and Bil Gee) and their applications, we also practice the wooden dummy (Mook Jong), Butterfly Knives and Pole. Our training has the guidance of Sifu Tony Psaila and Sigung Chu Shong Tin before his passing. Wing Chun is devastating when applied properly, beautiful in its simplicity and directness. It does not rely on size and strength however instead use your body weight to deliver quick and also heavy striking with amazing stability, its simple to discover and hard to understand!